After reading reviews online before going we were worried…. Never the less we kept an open mind and went ahead, we had book the venue previous as 13 of us were attending. To start 5 of ourselves shared brunettes and mussel and they were outstanding and perfect amount as bread and authentic Italian olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olives came alongside it.
For mains we had a variety of pizza and pasta, although the carbonara was a little dry, the pizza and pasta were phenomenal. The chips and beverages were great too to quench ones thirst. For desert shared amount us, as the potion sizes were greatly generous. We had Toblerone cheese cake, chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream which they claim as homemade, was delicious! The bathrooms were simple but sparkling and cannot complement the bar waitresses enough and chefs too. Was a good atmosphere with local celebrities on site and in great location of town, of you are looking for authentic Italian I would definitely recommend!

***** Reviewed 27 December 2019 via mobile